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Small Business in Russia
Russian Business Portal of Entrepreneurship Promotion
"Business in Russia" web project is launched by "Alliance Media" National Business Partnership as an ever-developing doorway to the plenitude of the NBP business information resources designed especially for non-Russian-speaking businessmen. Clicking through the portal, you will see a growing number of business opportunities now available in English.
As the resource is especially customized for practicing businessmen, its most valuable feature is the tool for instant posting a standard buy/sell or investment proposal. But, in addition, you may learn a lot about the business promotion infrastructure in Moscow or in the whole Russian Federation, or get an idea about the most important regulations of foreign trade and innovation business in the country, and some subjects more. All this is for decision-making, and for their fine tuning we've got an interactive currency calculator, an events calendar and a weather report.
Signing up for our news reel, for which we select the most important items defining the whole of Russian business life, will keep you up to date with our constantly changing economic circumstances.
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